Ahmed Hamdy

Squad Lead

Hamdy, a veteran Squad Lead, balances responsibilities in the delivery of our projects and in the leadership and mentoring of Integrant engineers. He sees himself as a servant leader to both customers and his team. With his team, he strives to help them advance in their careers and to build an environment where they will be successful.

Hamdy has found his purpose in making an impact by tackling tough challenges. He loves working with his team and clients to overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals. He views this as an opportunity to get better not just professionally, but personally as well. When asked what his greatest professional accomplishment has been, he points to several instances where using problem-solving and overcoming a seemingly insurmountable challenge is at the heart of his achievement. Projects that required perseverance, heavy trust building, relationship fostering, and ultimately, a successful outcome.

Hamdy joined Integrant in 2013 as a principal engineer. A self-proclaimed “technical guy,” he faced a crossroads after being promoted to a lead engineer. Would he go the more technical route, or the route focused on delivery and management? As a lead, he could start to feel the impact he could make working directly with not just the developers, but the clients, too. After exploring management programs, he chose the delivery and management path that led him to be a Squad Lead.

If Hamdy wasn’t a Squad Lead at Integrant, he envisions himself as a politician or in a similar role where he is still interacting with people and making a positive impact for larger groups.

Outside of helping his customers and his team, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading technical and leadership books, and going to the beach. On a larger scale, he contemplates how he can help those around him. His bucket list vacation destinations include Hawaii, Switzerland, and Japan.


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