Julie Pacheco

VP Client Delivery

Julie is the resident problem solver at Integrant. Not only does she love solving problems, she naturally gravitates toward them, helping our operations, marketing, and account management departments run as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t stop there. Her role is equally, if not more, client-facing. Julie’s zest for problem-solving allows her to help current and existing customers identify challenges and find the best fit solutions.


This affinity for problem solving really stems from her passion for collaboration and connecting people to make a positive impact through common goals and a service-oriented approach. In other words, she loves bringing people together and helping them do awesome stuff.


In 2006, Julie began her Integrant journey in marketing. In the following years, her role and experience would expand to include a combination of sales, operations, and account management. She has grown exponentially at Integrant, learning the ins and outs of the business, exactly what it takes to build a company founded on strong values and focused on service, and invaluable lessons on a personal and international scale.


When Julie’s not at Integrant, she loves spending time outdoors—cycling, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, and more. Though her favorite outdoor activities involve water, she considers one of her best personal accomplishments to be endurance swimming in the ocean.


Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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