Where we are matters. You need to know we’re available when you need and we want you to rest assured we’ll always have your back no matter where we are. Don’t worry, we travel well, too – when it’s safe, of course!


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San Diego, CA

Integrant opened its doors in America’s Finest City in 1992. Just a stone throw’s away from the tech capital Silicon Valley, Integrant has built web, desktop, and mobile applications for some of the biggest U.S. companies.

Being located in the heart of biotech has allowed Integrant to excel in the industry in addition to garner significant expertise in manufacturing and medical device from small to enterprise businesses. Though all of our customers are U.S. based, several of our enterprise companies have locations globally.

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Amman, Jordan

We opened our first development center in Jordan’s capital in 1997. Pioneering software development in Jordan was an eye-opening experience that allowed us to hone our customer service and servant leadership mindset with our customers, all of whom are U.S.-based.

Although our engineers are a plane-ride away, we still speak your language when it comes to your desktop, web, or mobile projects. With our Agile ecosystem, you’ll have a smooth sailing project with our development team in no time.

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Cairo, Egypt

Our second development office opened in Egypt’s capital in 2008. One of the earliest software development companies to open in Egypt, we built a reputation for being the most selective software development firm in the middle east.

The area allows us to recruit top talent and our goal is to find the most passionate engineers in the area that fit our unique culture. Despite being located a world away, our engineers are well-traveled and veterans at traveling onsite to customers’ offices globally.

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Our Teams Create the Difference You Need to Experience

At Integrant, we define success as a reflection of the unique values that define us as a company. In summary, these are:

1- GRIT is the secret sauce at the core of each of our employees

At Integrant, grit means getting the job done and never giving up. We believe if our employees have grit, they can accomplish anything.

2- Our team shows up. TOGETHER.

We just roll up our sleeves and get right in the thick of it. Our engineers individually take ownership in their work and actions, which rolls up to the team level, giving our customers’ teams that are a breeze to work with.

3- We will always be real with our engineers and customers

Open communication and honesty are critical in building long-lasting partnerships with our customers and just as importantly, our teams.

4- We’re always ready.

From tight timelines to lack of capacity, from budget constraints to project unknowns, we’ve got your back!

5- We always do what’s right for our employees, our customers, and ourselves. ALWAYS!

That’s why we hire and offer our best engineers to work on your projects. Meanwhile, our employees can always expect a fair, transparent working environment for them to thrive and grow in. And our customers can always expect to receive fairness and truth no matter what.

6- Our commitment to a service-oriented software approach is second-to-none.

From policies to programs, methodologies, and our custom software, we do everything with service in mind.

Location matters. Rest assured we have all our bases covered when it comes to distributed teams. We're ready to get started, are you?

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