Walaa Elyamany

Squad Lead

Walaa balances responsibilities for resource, project, and team management. On the project side, she plans, monitors, estimates, and delivers timely and high-quality projects. For team management, Walaa ensures that the best people are allocated for the right projects. Last but not least, she develops her own team to improve their technical and non-technical skills, while coaching them for excellent customer service and successful project delivery.


Walaa is passionate about technology and loves to keep up-to-date on new technologies and techniques used in the field. She enjoys that her job requires her to be a continuous learner, so she regularly enhances her technical skills. She also takes pride in solving technical problems, with her most recent accomplishment involving delivering a project with multiple, critical challenges. Not only was Walaa was able to lead her team to complete this project ahead of schedule, but they were able to enhance the overall quality of the project by 70% in only two months.


Walaa started her journey with Integrant in November 2017 as an Associate Technical Project Lead. She was quickly promoted to Technical Project Lead. After demonstrating her managerial aptitude along with her project management skills, she was promoted to Associate Squad Lead and then to Squad Lead.


If Walaa wasn’t a TPL she would be a painter. Her favorite stress reliever is art and she created her latest masterpiece using pen shading!


Walaa dedicates her free time to hanging out and playing with her kids, listening to their stories, and taking them out for a movie night. They enjoy light comedy and adventure movies together. When not at home, Walaa likes to travel, explore new places, and meet new people. Her favorite place to travel is Makadi Bay in Hurghada, Egypt.


Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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