Yousef Awad


Yousef established Integrant in 1992. At its inception, Integrant was a project-based company that served local businesses in San Diego. His previous experience working with customers in the financial industry coupled with his desire to provide world class service and build long-lasting relationships with customers, led him to establish international offices in Amman, Jordan, and Cairo, Egypt.

Yousef has dedicated the last 26 years to building Integrant’s brand, recruiting and retaining the best employees, and strengthening relationships with our customers. Yousef considers himself a customer and employee advocate, always striving to do what’s in the best interests of customers and employees alike, prioritizing transparent, long-term partnerships.

Internally, he works with each department head to ensure we are aligned and moving forward strategically, and, most importantly, that we are embodying Integrant’s core values every day. Externally, with his focus on high-quality service, we have almost 200 partners in success that work with us and help us be what we are today.

Yousef feels strongly about helping people create habits that ultimately leads them to accomplishing their goals. He feels most present when he is helping customers with challenges and strategizing for their future. If he wasn’t Integrant’s CEO, Yousef would be in a role that allowed him to work closely with customers to help them grow.

Outside of work, Yousef spends time with his son boxing, dirt biking, or rafting in the river. Yousef also has a love for travelling. He doesn’t have a favorite spot because he considers each destination a unique experience and leaves its own distinct impact on him. While exploring on vacation, Yousef enjoys interacting with different parts of local communities as he is always interested in meeting new people.


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