More Women in Engineering Means Better Solutions, Increased Opportunities, and a More Impassioned Workforce

I’ve told this story many times before, but one of the main reasons I built Integrant almost 30 years ago is because when I was a DB2 DBA, I saw the challenges that companies had with their software vendors: often tense, short-lived, and one-sided. Customers inherited all the risk, and it was frequently costly in more ways than one. I wanted to change that. I wanted to significantly improve the customer experience.

The second part of the story is that, to me, building a company also means the responsibility of building the right culture, opportunities, and environment for your employees to succeed and thrive in.

As passionate as I was about creating the best experience for our customers, I also wanted to create the best workplace on earth for our teams. I felt strongly that people who were seeking an employment opportunity with Integrant were trusting me with their career development and therefore, their future. That began a 30 years-long journey to where we are today.

Did you know?

In the US, it’s estimated that women comprise only 20 to 25% of the software engineering workforce.

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Committed to Impact

Our principles and culture are intended to break down barriers, create awareness of internal biases, and limit those biases from impacting decision making as much as possible.

We want women in engineering not only to succeed in their careers, but we want to help them gain independence and instill confidence. We want women to know that we value them for their unique contributions and the sky’s the limit. At Integrant, we want to present opportunities and help people find their true passion.

Celebrating women in engineering allows them to become role models for other women in engineering, especially for the younger generation. Our hope is that the current and future generations of women thinking about entering the engineering field see and feel that there’s space for them and we somehow contributed to making that space as much as possible. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

In addition to providing these opportunities at Integrant, we want to be able to create this awareness of engineering opportunities for young women early—as early as middle and high school. Why wait until college to discover and implement your passion for engineering? We’re working on a great program to create bigger change for representation in and access to engineering that we’re hoping to launch within the next year. Stay tuned for more updates!

Did you know?

Women account for 40% of Integrant’s engineers.

Why I'm on a Mission to Empower and Elevate Women in Engineering

Creating Our Culture

We know that change isn’t always easy. Creating a culture that we’re proud of takes constant diligence, continuous monitoring and reflection, and consistent action.

Beyond our company values, we have four core principles that have helped us establish programs and practices that facilitate creating awareness related to inherent biases and make it easier to have conversations to dispel myths related to women in the workforce.

Here are some important practices we put in place to help ensure a workplace free of discrimination and provide equal opportunity for all:

Flexible Work Hours

Everyone juggles several responsibilities in their personal lives. We don’t want that to prevent anyone from being successful. We allow for flexible work hours and schedules so that people can make it home in time to pick up their children or get home before it becomes unsafe, particularly on public transportation. Usually, this affects women more than men. Our goals here are to minimize stress and remove one more roadblock to success. 

Objective Evaluations and Continuous Feedback

This is something we’ve worked really hard on and have discussed at length. We believe that every employee deserves to have continuous feedback (professional and positive and constructive, of course) in order to perform their best and to maintain transparency. 

Top Performer Program

Along with monthly one-on-one sessions with each employee, we have a quarterly recognition program to reward top performers based on several objective categories. This helps enforce merit-based recognition and can facilitate an opportunity to uncover biases in the workplace. 

Public Salary Ranges

That’s right. We post our salary ranges for each position to provide transparency to all of our employees. We offer highly competitive salaries because we know how valuable our engineers are regardless of gender. We want women to know that we see them and know that the same contributions that they’re providing are being rewarded the same way as any colleague.

Additionally, we periodically complete salary adjustments for the whole company to ensure that all employees are being compensated fairly for their efforts. Oftentimes when performing this exercise, we don’t look at names to further ensure people are being recognized purely based on their contributions and not anything else.

Lead by Example

Our leadership team has had some tough, but necessary conversations over the years. Asking tough questions to uncover someone’s inherent biases and gently build that awareness and dispel workplace myths related to women.

We’ve had to remain consistent to demonstrate that this is a high priority for us and keep a consistent culture especially as our company has grown to over 200 engineers. We’ll continue to do so because empowering women in engineering so important to who we are and part of Integrant’s why.

Did you know?

Over 50% of Integrant’s engineering leadership is women.

Happy Women in Engineering Day!

Representation Matters in the Workplace 

In the US, women make up 51.1% of the population, yet are estimated to only account for 20-25% of the software engineering workforce.

This is a missed opportunity that would push innovation and result in better solutions and processes. This, in turn, helps our customers achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. For example, let’s say we can help a drug discovery company cut their time to market down from anywhere to 50-90%?

While my passion to build Integrant started with a need I saw for customers and enabling them to build great software with minimal risk and high-value service, it’s developed to include my passion for coaching, empowering women, and developing others.

At Integrant, I’m proud to say that our engineering leadership team is more than 50% women and that our engineering workforce is 40% women.

We’re excited to continue pushing the envelope and making space for all of the talented engineers, but we’re especially rooting for all of the women who have been told they can’t or shouldn’t become an engineer for any reason, the young women who are intimidated because software engineering is such a male-dominated field, and any ladies who are doubting themselves—we want to support you.

Happy Women in Engineering Day! Celebrate all the amazingly talented and hardworking female engineers in your life and who paved the way for where we are today. 

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Why I'm on a Mission to Empower and Elevate Women in Engineering 

At Integrant, our top-level leadership has always been passionate about helping women shine in their pursuit of success in the engineering field, whether it be a self-esteem boost, career advice, honing their technical skills, and more. We’re excited to see even more women break into the field and design life-changing apps and technology in the future.  
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