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Our Agile, ready-to-go teams use a proven ecosystem that eliminates gaps in efficiencies and knowledge and our Agile assessment provides flexible solutions that works so your teams feel supported and we can win together.

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Scale Up Your Existing Project

  • Get in Touch: Answer a few quick questions and we'll be in touch ASAP!

  • Discovery: We learn about your needs with the best people already on the job.

  • Top Talent Match: View resumes and interview engineers to keep your team culture seamless and strong.

  • Knowledge Transfer: Our engineers and shadow engineers get up to speed to keep ramp-up time effective and efficient.

Get Started with Your New Project

  • Get in Touch: We're curious about you, too!

  • Ideation: We bring the best version of your ideas to life.

  • Top Talent Match: Easier than swiping left or right, we do the heavy lifting to find engineers that are a good match, but you get the final say.

  • Design: We take care to build the optimal solution for you that prioritizes efficiency, cost, maintainability, stability, and more.

  • Analysis & Development: We dig deep to make sure we're totally aligned and requirements are clear before kickstarting your project.

1 - Connect with us

We know it’s a huge undertaking to find the right vendor for your project and more importantly, to connect with your team. That’s why from the first call, we take care to know exactly what you need. We match you with the experts on our team that will guarantee success for your project. Then we’re off to the races!

2 - Estimates

The estimation process is critical in getting your project started off on the right foot. We have a tried and true process to ensure you’re getting the most accurate estimates even if they’re a little different than you were expecting.

  • - UI designs
  • - Sample data
  • - Capacity (user, transactions, etc. )
  • - Exisiting code, DBs, apps
  • - Techincal stack
  • - Architecture
  • - Test strategy
  • - Operationg environments
  • - Deployment model
  • - Hosting
  • - Security

3 - Build Your Team

Once our estimation process is complete, you’re in the driver’s seat to approve your winning team both for roles and specific engineers. While we put together options that we know will best suit your project, culture, and more, you have the flexibility to build your team to your needs.

4 - Get Started

Our teams, processes, reporting, and technical and non-technical talent combine to create an ecosystem that gets you predictable results you can count on. Read on:

5 - Safeguard Your Project

CodeVoyance culminates in a reporting platform, but it’s so much more. It begins with ensuring team practices are proactive and sound. The result is a reporting platform that shows you gaps, allows you to eliminate inefficiencies, and put safeguards in place to guarantee a successful project. We implement CodeVoyance with every project so you can rest assured you’ll have full visibility on every aspect of your project that matters most.

Your perfect team is ready for you.

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Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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