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Notice Period: Why it Matters

We’ve been there before. You have a key player who may be a lifer at your company, until they sheepishly hand you the standard two weeks’ notice to pursue the job of their dreams. Right in the middle of a huge project.


In Egypt, every employee provides two months’ notice if they decide to explore other employment opportunities. This allows 4X the amount of time to plan for a smooth transition and double check that all your ducks are in a row.

Beyond the Notice Period: Extended Notice

While two months may seem like a long time, for some key roles, it’s not enough. In complex, long-running projects, two months can fly by. That’s why we instated Extended Notice, a program that provides key employees an incentive to give four months’ notice to their manager, allowing ample time to thoroughly handover every project nuance and transition in your next favorite team player.


Extended Notice Perks

Extended Notice was created with continued, long-term customer success in mind. Here’s how you’ll make the most out of this program.


Team & Project Stability


Coupled with the 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program, Extended Notice guarantees your team is always up to speed and up to capacity.


Increased Stability for High Profile Roles


We know how hard it is to lose key players on your team. Four months allows us to seamlessly transition a new key player onto your team, making sure nothing falls through the cracks and your team dynamic remains top notch.


Seamless Knowledge Transfer to Prevent Project Delays


Extended Notice and the 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program safeguards your project timeline, productivity, and culture, so you can worry about more important things that demand your attention.


Effective Communication


Our project managers are consistently in tune with their teams, ensure projects are running smoothly at all times, and have an active risk management plan to plan for the unplannable.

Stop worrying about team overlap. We'll always have you covered. Find out how.

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