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We provide the right pieces and players to your software solution puzzle to guarantee you have everything you need to succeed. From business analysts and developers to scrum masters and product owners, Integrant knows how to build strong teams ready for anything.

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Integrant Project Roles

The team you work with is flexible. We want to put all the pieces in the right place for your project and can cover the roles you need. Here are different examples of how our teams can work together.



What is a TPL?

At Integrant, we have Technical Project Leads that serve as project managers on every project. These technically focused engineers ensure the success of your project, while our Squad Leads are focused on the growth and development of each engineer. Using this two-pronged system, our TPLs are completely focused on the delivery of your project.

While our teams are self-organized in true Agile fashion, each team has a TPL with your project stability in mind. Each team is unique, but TPLs serve as a liaison between you and the team to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Our TPLs have a wide breadth of knowledge and are expert project managers so you can rest assured our team is working seamlessly with yours.

How You Choose Your Team

You’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to selecting your team. From our first meeting, our goal is to give you the best fit engineers for you and your project. We aim to understand you, your team, and your needs, then you’re able to:


Understanding you


Review resumes


Interview desired engineers


Select and get started!

Team Formation

Having teams who are ready-to-go is one of the foundations of our successful projects. We take into consideration the following factors when deciding how to structure and match the best fit engineers to the team:


Culture Fit


Technical Expertise


Strengths and Weaknesses


Communication Style


Leadership Style


Project Team Members


Industry Experience and Background


Soft Skills

Team Insights

Project highlights and insights including challenges, victories, lessons learned, best practices and more. With over 25 years of experience, we have plenty of stories to tell and knowledge to share. Can’t find a project that looks like yours? Give us a ring and we’ll take care of that.

Start building your dream team with our curated-for-you pool of experts today.

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