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We equip your team with qualified experts to minimize project risks & provide transparent software outsourcing development services to match your business needs.

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Why Integrant?

You need a steady, proven success approach that increases efficiency for your custom software development projects.

You need outsourced development services designed to help streamline your processes, minimize stress, and increase ROI.

But you don’t just want to work with one of the top Agile Development Companies, you’d also like full control over who joins your team.


Our projects all over world

5+ Year

Average Customer Retention


Outsourcing Expertise with Proven Ecosystem

We bring our A-game to your projects so we can build an efficient team and deliver successful custom software projects that match your deadlines and budget.


Ready-to-go Teams

We shape your dream team with experts who love taking on challenges and are ready to pivot even before you are.


Minimized Project Risks

We stay tied to your needs by providing full project visibility while building the solution you need and ensuring it’s scalable, budget-focused, and for the long haul.

Our Custom Software Services

From new product design to scaling your existing software solutions, we help you bring your visions to life.

Web Application Development

From full stack Java, JavaScript, or .NET to specific front end, back end, database, or solution architecture, our teams are ready to get the job done seamlessly

Mobile Application Development

You have our Android, iOS, and cross-platform developers’ full support every step of the way toward your scalable, fully responsive mobile apps.


QA and Automated Testing Services

Maintain Quality Assurance and drive towards results while identifying and rectifying errors in the software development lifecycle.

AI & ML Development

Upgrade your existing technology strategy by making the most of your data with AI-developed applications for seamless results in areas like laboratory information management systems (LIMS), data analytics, and more.

Industry Expertise

Our model has proven to be successful in some of the most complex, high-risk industries including medical device and manufacturing. We focus on getting to know you, your teams, your values, and how you work in order to blend in seamlessly and lead you to success

Your Project Starts Here

Get predictable results and focus on what matters most with our proven software development lifecycle ecosystem.

Scale Up Your Existing Project

Connect with Our Team

At the root of our successful collaboration is a strong communication plan and an attentive technical team to get on the same page with you.

Discovery + Estimates

We set out to understand your business, your project needs, your culture, your tech stack, and most importantly, how you work, so we can align with your business needs. 

Project Kick-Off

We get the ball rolling, giving you full visibility with our CodeVoyance reporting platform, so you can rest assured your project is in good hands.

Knowledge Transfer

We hit the ground running using an Agile approach and by bringing a relentlessly ambitious attitude to guarantee project success.


Kick Off Your New Project

Connect with Our Team

Our technical team is all ears to learn about your upcoming project. From solution options to architecture recommendations to 2 or 20 developers, we have you covered.

Discovery + Estimates

Project success can hinge on our ability to understand you and your goals. We take it to the next level wanting to align with your culture, processes, and mindset.

Top Talent Match

From Technical Project Lead (TPL) to Senior Developer, we painstakingly match developers to your team to guarantee a stress-free software development experience. The best part? You’re always in control of who’s on your team.

Requirements Gathering

We work with you to hear all of your needs and restrictions, then identify the goldilocks solution and map out clear requirements for you.

Project Kick-Off

We get the ball rolling, giving you full visibility with our CodeVoyance reporting platform, so you can rest assured your project is in good hands.

Our Software Development Insights and Success Stories

Check out our custom software successes to see how we reshape businesses with innovative solutions that elevate them to the next level


Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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