Our drive to provide value, transparency, and passionate engineers to our customers remains constant across all of our services offerings. We offer end-to-end services including solution consultation and can provide any roles you need. From single page web apps for manufacturing websites to mobile apps designed for medical device, we’ve seen it all.

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Web Application Development

From full stack Java, JavaScript, or .NET to specific front end, back end, database, or solution architecture, our teams are ready to get the job done seamlessly.

Full Stack .NET

For over 25 years, Integrant has built impactful .NET apps. We upgrade tried and true .NET apps to prolong their shelf life and create sleek, new apps to scale and propel companies into the future. Our talented .NET developers will build the perfect software to solve your business challenges.

Full Stack JavaScript

the power of JavaScript with our teams by your side. Our JavaScript developers leverage our proven software development ecosystem with their creativity, passion, and expertise to build you unrivaled JavaScript solutions to put you at the top of your industry. Our JavaScript solutions are scalable, performant, and reliable.

Full Stack Java

Our Java engineers have your back when it comes to building robust solutions that will bolster your company’s ROI and efficiency. Their can-do attitude and never-ending fountain of solutions will give you options and flexibility to build the optimal solution you didn’t know was possible to a tee.

Mobile Application Development

You have our Android, iOS, and cross-platform developers’ full support every step of the way toward your scalable, fully responsive mobile apps

When building your first mobile application, iOS app development is a great option. Our mobile developers have nailed the best ways in building your next iOS application, learn more!

Android can be found under the hood of infinite devices, so our Android developers ensure they know all the nuances of the Android platform. Our Android app services cater to lovers of the platform and our Android engineers are armed and ready to tackle any development challenges.

Our hybrid developers specialize in Xamarin, but we are ready to build the cross-platform app of your dreams that rivals any native iOS or Android app. Our hybrid mobile development process allows for flexible customization that’s available across all smart phones and tablets, giving you more freedom to increase your success.

QA and Automated Testing Services

Maintain Quality Assurance and drive towards results while identifying and rectifying errors in the software development lifecycle.



Testing plays a vital role in bolstering your confidence in your software and ensuring high-quality, efficient performance. Our manual and automated testing solutions relieves the heartache and worry over missing delivery deadlines or even worse, delivering faulty software. Our quality engineers have done it all ranging from financial services applications to life-saving medical device enterprise software where there is no room for error.



One resource you can never get back is time, and Integrant is here to make sure you maximize yours with our custom API test automation framework.




AI & ML Development

Upgrade your existing technology strategy by making the most of your data with AI-developed applications for seamless results in areas like laboratory information management systems (LIMS), data analytics, and more.



AI can be the solution you need for your company’s next breakthrough or to help your business run more smoothly. With AI playing a growing role in IoT applications and the analysis of data from IoT sensors, this can change the way business make informed, impactful decisions. AI solutions also offer the opportunity to streamline your business, such as automating your LIMS.




Our machine learning solutions can help you identify your customers’ behavior and maximize your business. Our machine learning experts will provide solutions to utilize your data efficiently with top-notch learning algorithms. Solutions range from recommendation engines in e-commerce, smart compound creation and management in biotech, and more.

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