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Life Sciences is broad, global, and game-changing. Our expertise is the same. Work with a trusted partner to give you high-quality solutions for your complex and innovative projects where it’s healthcare software, medical device, clinical trial reporting and tracking, LIMS, enterprise mobile applications, and more.

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Custom Biotech Software Development

Biotech experts know that the industry is highly complex and regulated. Even the FDA approval process can be challenging to navigate. This is where a trusted, ready-to-go biotech software development partner is crucial in seamlessly boosting your project and maximizing momentum and uptime.Integrant is located in sunny San Diego, CA; right in the heart of a prominent hub. We are in tune with biotech leaders and have a pulse on how the biotech community is continuously changing. We are ready to provide solutions that will take your project to the next level.


Biotech Software Development Solutions Integrant:

has worked with the whole range of biotech development projects. From web-based software for clinical trials management to mobile app development to communicate with wearables to the intricate world of medical device.


Biotech Web-Based Solutions :

your clinical trial management or medication management software with web applications that are set-up to your specific processes with custom reporting, so you get the most of out of your software


Biotech Mobile Solutions:

Mobile app development in biotech can pair with wearables to give you real-time, critical data every day to help people live independently and with less worry. Whether you’re looking to develop in native or hybrid languages, your mobile solutions will be elegant, powerful, and a breeze to Use


Biotech AI Solutions:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions in biotech expands beyond things like prosthetics to include data analytics, the equivalent of facial recognition in medical imaging, and drug discovery. See how you can get a leg up on your competition by implementing an AI solution today.



Upgrade your Biotech Software Solutions


HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA Compliance

End-to-End Clinical Trials Management

Verification, Validation and FDA Compliance

Data Solutions
Cloud Database Migration
Data Management, analytics and reporting

Medical Device

Custom development allows you to build software for medical devices or software as a medical device (SaMD). We provide medical device software development solutions that are secure, failure-proof, and ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 compliant.


Medical Device Software Solutions

Our Agile development teams understand the rigorous process for FDA approval and aim to ease the challenges and stress by providing high quality engineers with that produce under pressure and are always on your side. That means that we jump in to get things done no matter what the situation calls for. >Here are a few examples of Class II and Class III medical devices we’ve implemented for biotech and healthcare companies around the world:

Software system to track clinical trial results enabling better reporting and contributing to health solutions

Reporting dashboards to allow companies to track and prioritize the health of their employees

Class II medical device that monitor ICU patients to increase efficiency, visibility, and safety for healthcare workers

Class II medical device that provide continuous monitoring for diabetes patients’ vitals from anywhere to give individuals more awareness and help with change management

Our Experince in Medical Device Software Software

Medical Management Systems

Mobile Medical Apps and Wearables

Class II and Class III Medical Devices

HIPAA, IEC 62304, and
FDA 21 CFR Compliance Experts


We are transforming the drug discovery process with pharmaceutical and drug discovery experts that are intent on bringing accessibility and solutions to a wide audience.


Pharmaceutical Software Development Solutions

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning play a pivotal role in advancing pharmaceutical software solutions to the next level.With AI solutions, you can automate LIMS, provide remote scheduling, monitoring, and reporting for your liquid handler to ease day-to-day stresses and focus your attention on more important work.Custom pharmaceutical software development will also allow you to scale your current solution with personalized integrations and APIs that can be used on top of the processes and equipment you’ve already invested in. Integrant is currently working to help the pharmaceutical industry automate the process between design and synthesis that includes automated chemistry and custom reporting to make better decisions and improved software for tomorrow.

Minimize Time to market with

AI and Automated Solutions
for Your Lab Workflow and LIMS

Engineers with Specific Knowledge
of Chemistry and the Drug Discovery Process

Machine Learning
in Drug Discovery

Integrant's Pharmaceutical Software Solutions

Remote Scheduler
for Your Liquid Handler

Machine and Deep
Learning in the Drug
Discovery Design Test / Phase

Healthcare IT

Custom enterprise software solutions for the healthcare industry allows you to have full control of your systems and ensure GDPR and HIPAA compliance. We provide solutions that are easy-to-use, easy to look at, and make a great impact on everyday lives.


Unrivaled Healthcare IT Engineers

When it comes to healthcare software solutions, our engineers know how important it is to keep integrations seamless and keep your—and patient data—secure. With more than 14 years of healthcare IT experience, we know how the landscape has changed and how we can help improve it further. As regulations and privacy policies change and technology introduces new possibilities (and challenges), Integrant will be your trusted partner in building your home run solution.

Healthcare IT Software Development Solutions

Let your healthcare software development solutions improve your workflows and automate processes so you can focus on better patient care. Boost the patient experience and take your healthcare IT solution on the go with mobile apps.

Mobile app solutions

allow your patients independence along with the security of knowing their well-being is monitored securely at all times. Real-time reports on-the-go


integrated with AI

can help predict disaster before it strikesSolutions for healthcare also keep your front-line workers safe with medical devices used in ICUs for patients. This improves care coordination so doctors and nurses are able to monitor patients safely and consistently. Types of solutions


Secure EMR and EHR Solutions

Reliable Medical Billing and Insurance Claims Management Solutions

Enhanced Inventory Management Systems

Versatile Mobile Healthcare
Applications Built for High Usability

Our Biotech Software Development Insights

Project highlights and insights including challenges, victories, lessons learned, best practices and more. With over 25 years of experience, we have plenty of stories to tell and knowledge to share. Can’t find a project that looks like yours? Contact us and we’ll take care of that.

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