Industry experience is critical. Our industry-tailored ramp-up programs get engineers up to speed on your project’s unique and specific requirements and standards. We hit the ground ready and running for every project. For longer term clients, we go a step further and develop company-specific technology and skillset roadmaps and training programs. New engineers can join your team ready to fully contribute on day one and existing engineers are prepared for your next steps before you are.

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Life Sciences Software Development

Life Sciences is broad, global, and game-changing. Our expertise is the same. Work with a trusted partner to give you high-quality solutions for your complex and innovative projects where it’s healthcare software, medical device, clinical trial reporting and tracking, LIMS, enterprise mobile applications, and more.

Custom Biotech Software Development

Automate your processes from idea to solution so you can save time while preparing for FDA approval or easily manage and secure your clinical trial data. Read on.

Medical Device

Unparalleled medical device and FDA expertise to ensure your projects achieve IEC 62304, FDA 21 CFR, and HIPAA compliance. Learn more.


Trusted pharmaceutical experience with equipment such as liquid handling machines and the assay creation and drug discovery process. More details here.

Healthcare IT

Digital solutions that improve the quality of life for healthcare staff and patients alike. Customize your healthcare IT software to make the greatest impact. See more.

Manufacturing Software Development

Manufacturing industry software solutions that scale and keep up with your ever-changing business. Maximize workflows and information exchange while introducing or improving your IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Custom Manufacturing Software Development Solutions

Integrant wants to help you level-up your business by leveraging the right solutions to accelerate your business. From optimizing mobile solutions for remote food and beverage sales teams to utilizing IoT for a global packaging manufacturing to enhance MES, our breadth of expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate with your existing team or hit the ground running with a fresh project.

Financial & Banking Software Development

We merge the best of the technology and finance worlds. With over 15 years of financial services experience, we know the required intricacies for intelligent CRM migrations and solutions, data and analytics, and AI-enabled solutions..

Custom Financial and Banking Software Development Solutions

The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom software solutions for your financial needs. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to gathering requirements or building solution architecture while you streamline your business in other areas. Whether we’re seamlessly integrated with your team or working independently, we’ll cover all your bases for you. Rest assured.

There's never been a challenge we couldn’t tackle. Start your two-week trial with our ready-to-go teams and you'll see the grit and glory in action.

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Integrant’s Vision is to transform the software development lifecycle through predictable results.


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