Celebrating Women in Engineering Day 2022 with Integrant

Thursday, June 23rd marks the ninth year of the official international celebration of women in engineering. A day that we, a software development company, acknowledge with pride and admiration. However, in celebrating the achievements of women in engineering, it's important to recognize both the progress that has been made and what progress still needs to come.

In the world of software development, we must recognize the disproportionate figures of the number of men vs. women currently in the industry. Even further than that, we must also take notice of the differences in roles and pay rates that exists. 

In our effort to recognize and provide solutions to these stark differences, we now have women in 50% of our tech leadership positions and 40% of our engineering positions. As these numbers are still up for continued improvement, we strive for equal opportunity at every level. There is always room for advancement and expansion when it comes to opportunities for women in software engineering. Integrant is committed to continuing this progress.

History of Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering Day has a rich history stemming from the end of WWI. Post-war a group of European women established the Women’s Engineering Society. The society’s role was to provide support and opportunities for women who were currently holding or were looking for roles in engineering.

On the 95th anniversary of the society, Women in Engineering Day was established. This day is used to promote the importance of women-led ideas and collaboration as well as promote opportunities in engineering for better accessibility.

In 2017, Women in Engineering Day was officially recognized with international observance.

Women in Engineering at Integrant and Worldwide

  • Statistics of women in engineering around the world in comparison to Integrant’s % of women in engineering/software/leadership positions

What Current Women in Engineering Have to Say

Highlight current women in engineering

  • What they do
  • How they got here(education, passion, previous positions)
  • Experience as women in the STEM workforce
  • Words of encouragement for future women in STEM

Integrant’s Commitment to Uplifting Women in the Workplace

Integrant stands firmly on an anti-discrimination pillar. From this pillar, we can continuously approach internal and external issues at the base of the problem and provide clarity and solutions at all levels. Doing so has helped us reach our current standing of having 50% of our squad and tech leadership roles held by women.

Our commitment to continuing to uphold an equal opportunity workplace and provide more opportunities to women in engineering is a top priority. We strive to not only instill confidence and value in women but to provide opportunities for growth and expansion both professionally and personally.

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