ChatGPT: What the Fuss Is All About

Does all the recent hype around ChatGPT make you feel like you missed a chapter somewhere? Leave that confusion behind, our experts did the research so you don’t have to. The new AI chatbot has made some significant noise as it entered the market. According to Sam Altman of OpenAI, ChatGPT reached over one million users in only a few days after its launch. Today we’re here to help you learn the ins and outs of what is known about the tool so far. Let’s get into it.

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Getting to Know ChatGPT

So, what is ChatGPT?

Essentially, it’s an AI chatbot system released by OpenAI before the close of 2022.

Where is all the hype coming from?

It’s brains. The tool takes any question you ask and provides a highly knowledgeable and conversational answer derived from massive volumes of online information. From simple questions like “What are some fun party ideas?” to more complex questions like “How can I fix my code(insert code)?” ChatGPT will generate the answers you’re looking for. 

As with any new technology, there are some instances in which you may not receive an answer to your question. While OpenAI continues to work out any kinks and further perfect this all-powerful AI tool, getting to know ChatGPT is a wise idea. 

The Technology

ChatGPT uses AI technology to make its magic happen. According to OpenAI, their method for fine-tuning the chatbot exists in three steps.

In Step 1 the chatbot collects demonstration data and trains a supervised policy. Step 2 consists of collecting comparison data and training a reward model. Lastly, Step 3 is where the bot optimizes a policy against the reward model using the PPO reinforcement learning algorithm.

The new chatbot uses the GPT-3.5 language technology. OpenAI describes this as a large AI model that has been schooled on a massive amount of text data from a variety of sources. OpenAI also states that both ChatGPT and GPT3.5 were schooled on an Azure AI supercomputing infrastructure. 

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Uses & Services

So, how could this be useful to industries like software development, biotech, fintech, manufacturing, or pharmaceuticals? So far, the bot appears to be a useful tool for gathering mass amounts of available information in a short amount of time. With its ability to build off of previous questions and data, it can potentially quicken the way you solve problems and conduct online research.

It can also aid in content creation. We’re not advising you to say goodbye to human content creators(really, we’re not), but the bot is able to analyze a prompt and provide an answer that will assumingly follow any guidelines and direction you’ve given. On the contrary, content creators, copywriters, and marketers in any industry may find the tool useful when trying to come up with new content ideas or intriguing titles.  

Another way ChatGPT can help your brand is by taking a blurb of text and shortening it to fit a particular character limit without losing any vital information. This use may be a game changer for those who take the more is more approach to writing. Most social media platforms have strict and concise character guidelines and this feature can help your business get the right information out while keeping within said guidelines.

For your engineering teams, in-house or outsourced, the bot is able to help create code and fix existing coding errors you might be facing. While it's recommended to double and triple-check the bots' answers in its young state, it does have the ability to handle some pretty tough programming questions. 

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Future Of Chatbots

The creation of ChatGPT surely demonstrates the power that AI chatbots have when it comes to gathering and relaying mass amounts of information. From what we’ve seen so far, the bot definitely has the potential to make massive strides in all industries across the board.

Do we think you should ditch your human creatives, programmers, and data analysts? Definitely not. While many people in various professions are having moments of panic while realizing the full potential of ChatGPT, our experts think the true power of AI is when it’s used in combination with its human counterparts. It will no doubt quicken the efforts of training, learning, creating, and researching. Combining its immense time-saving efforts with the work of the human mind can help every industry produce extensive advancements in the years to come. 

Wrap Up

As ChatGPT continues to improve and gain popularity, it will be interesting to see how many industries decide to apply the tool and what that will mean for the future. For now, we say there’s no reason to lie awake at night wondering if the end of your career is looming thanks to AI. Rest assured knowing that there are still many kinks to work out and areas where the chatbot can continue to learn and improve upon itself. Here at Integrant, we have no plans to replace our beloved programmers and content creators with fancy new technology and it’s safe to say many places of work won’t take that leap any time soon either. 

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