ITI & Integrant: A Look Inside Why We Like To Hire From This Egyptian Institute

There are 26.9 million software developers worldwide. So, it’s not surprising that many questions surface when it comes to the hiring process of software development companies. As a potential employee, you may be asking:

“How do I know if this company is the right fit for me?”

“How do I determine if this company will provide the resources I need to excel as an engineer?”

“Does this company actually care about their employees?”

As a potential customer searching for an outsource vendor to supply engineers and project support you may be wondering:

“What kind of hiring and vetting process do these team members go through?”

“How can I tell if I’m getting the best talent on the market?”

First things first, you’re not alone with these questions. Many people express these insecurities when looking for the right outsourcing partner for their company or their future employer. Today, we’re going to eliminate these feelings by introducing you to a part of our hiring process here at Integrant. 

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What is ITI?

The Information Technology Institute(ITI) is an Egyptian organization established in 1993. For nearly 30 years ITI has provided top-of-the-line programs in areas including but not limited to development, content design, geographic information systems, game development, cloud, media and animation, data analytics, and security. ITI is a professional program that attracts those who have already completed college and are looking to expand their hands-on knowledge with specific and vigorous tracks.

This institute's mission is to support Egyptian youth by improving their career paths by developing vast technological skills. Many of the school's values mirror some of our own including openness, passion, loyalty, and elation

The Program

The basis of this program is to hire graduating engineers from ITI and provide them with hands-on training with real projects. The program takes place yearly at the time of ITI’s Career Expo that closely follows graduation.

Interested graduates start by completing an interview process with our hiring team. Those selected will go on to take part in our detailed and focused six to eight-week training program. Every graduate that signs with us also receives a laptop and all other necessary training tools from our IT & Admin department.

Through this training program, graduates are typically added as extra engineers in our coveted 4Plus1 program. Thanks to 4Plus1, each engineer is given the opportunity to observe and take part in a unique project that provides them with real-time, industry-specific experience. 

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Meet the Graduates

A recent part of our ITI training program included post-program interviews with the graduates. Here are what a few of them had to say when asked about their experiences in the program.

For Context here is some general information on each of the graduates:

  • Abdelrahman Nasr who is now a Lead Engineer and completed ITI in 2020
  • Abdelaziz Mostafa who is now a Software Engineer II and completed ITI in 2020.
  • Mohanad Hesham who is now a Senior Quality Engineer and completed ITI in 2020.
  • Ahmed Elesdody who is now a Software Engineer II and completed ITI in 2020. 

What Program Track Did You Follow at ITI?

  • Abdelrahman Nasr: Enterprise Application Development
  • Abdelaziz Mostafa: UI/UX Design
  • Mohanad Hesham: Software Testing
  • Ahmed Elesdody: Mobile Development

Why Did You Choose ITI?

  • Abdelrahman Nasr: ITI is giving you 100% practical experience for the market compared to college where it was mostly theory and about 30% practical experience. It’s the most successful institute in the market right now.
  • Abdelaziz Mostafa: After graduating college I began working in graphic design but with job experience I found my passion to be elsewhere. When deciding to make the transition, I found that ITI was my best opportunity for learning and entering the market. They have a great reputation in Egypt for paving the way for engineers to really learn the current market.
  • Mohanad Hesham: I wanted to shift my career from mechanical engineering and after a lot of searching ITI felt like the best fit. It has a great reputation and many of the instructors are ITI graduates themselves which gave me a great feeling. It turned out to be a great experience and changed my life.
  • Ahmed Elesdody: ITI provided a lot of support and opportunities that would propel my experience and career. While I was still in college I took an internship with ITI that allowed me to speak with instructors before applying, who really encouraged me to apply and spoke with me about the benefits of attending ITI. I had such a great experience that I actually went on to teach tracks myself. 

What was(is) your experience at Integrant like?

  • Abdelrahman Nasr: Since being with Integrant I have worked on 4 products in a few different industries. Working with different industries has been an interesting way to continue learning about how engineering can benefit different areas and see what companies in these areas are working on.
  • Abdelaziz Mostafa: When I found Integrant I was looking to take my career to the next level. My friends in the industry encouraged me that Integrant was a great opportunity to enrich my skills and experience and so I was eager to apply. Since starting I’ve worked on multiple projects for different industries which provides a great environment to continue cultivating my talent in design and further my career.
  • Mohanad Hesham: I first chose Integrant because of its reputation for utilizing human skills to better the project outcome. I was previously working on projects for a single industry and I wanted to broaden my experience and have the opportunity to better the skills that I learned at ITI. Integrant provides the chance to work on projects for many industries and I’m able to really apply and challenge my skill set in a different way. I’ve worked on two projects so far and they have been really fulfilling experiences. With industries like biotech, I feel like I’m contributing to something that is making a real impact on someone's life.
  • Ahmed Elesdody: I was recommended to Integrant by some friends from ITI who already joined the company. Working here has really helped further my experience and I have gained a lot of new knowledge from working with the other developers. It was a very healthy work environment to join and I felt like my expectations of the company prior to joining were met pretty early on. The constant feedback we receive throughout projects is constructive and helps us better project ideas and skill sets in real-time. 

What Advice Do You Have for Other Recent Graduates?

  • Abdelrahman Nasr: You still have more to learn. Keep all of your ITI connections and the learning habits you picked up while studying and apply them to everyday life. Keep up with market change and don’t stop trying to achieve more.
  • Abdelaziz Mostafa: Finishing ITI does not mean the studying is over. Keep yourself open to new learning opportunities and experiences that will further your talent and career. Secondly, take choosing your first job post-ITI very seriously. Do your research and find the perfect environment for your goals and needs.
  • Mohanad Hesham: Take the time to rest and celebrate what you’ve achieved so far. After this, plan out how you can take the ITI program structure and apply it to your work/home life. Figure out how to continue learning and improving your skill set. Just like mobile phones have updates every now and then, try to update and refurbish yourself too.
  • Ahmed Elesdody: Stay updated in our field. This market is constantly growing and changing so the need to keep learning is constant. Learn how to be quick on your feet in terms of updating your skill set.

Working With Integrant 

We understand the uncertainties that come with finding the right company to work for or with. It is part of our mission to address the uncertainties of both potential clients and employees head-on and do what we can to mitigate them where we can. Thanks to our ongoing relationship with ITI, we are able to recruit from the experienced market and ensure that we have a constantly growing pool of high-quality candidates.

Everyone deserves to work for a company that truly cares about their professional and personal well-being and is provided the tools and programs necessary to continue to climb the ladder of success. Every company searching for an outsource vendor also deserves a company that is actively reaching for the stars in terms of engineers and talent and can provide them with exactly what their projects need. If you’re ready to work with a company that can administer this and more, set up a free consultation with one of our experts today or visit our career page

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