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How we help one enterprise medical device company save lives.   

Company Summary  


Web development  

This medical technology company helps people worldwide by providing life-saving medical devices and minimizing healthcare related errors. Since 2011, we've proudly helped this company maintain, track, and leverage data from those life-saving medical devices used in intensive care units and operating rooms all over the world.


.NET Core, Angular

Project Locations

California and Egypt


Medical device, Manufacturing 



Length of engagement

8+ years

The Challenge

To build software for medical devices, you need engineers who are sharp, know what the stakes are, and can navigate a complex domain with high attention to detail. To build software for a global company, you need engineers who can quickly get up to speed, play well with others from around the world, and sometimes you need a lot of them--fast. This customer needed all of the above and more.

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Our Solution

Partnered with the right software team, outsourcing enables heads of engineering to quickly respond throughout an evolving software development lifecycle. There are customer demands to respond to, marketing proof of concepts to take to market, and unfortunately, the very necessary evil of managing recalls and demanding regulatory bodies like the FDA. Our talented team, operation philosophy, and approach helped check all the right boxes.

Vendor Criteria


Our team can ramp up or down quickly. Our 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program ensures we're ready to hit the ground running with business knowledge, domain knowledge, and more when you need them.


Everyone can say they have talented engineers, but our experience and ability to communicate and collaborate within multi-site co-development model with engineers from all over the world sets us apart. Not only are our engineers sharp, their ability to understand complex business, follow process, and meet strict standards is unrivaled.

One-Team Approach

We always want to be on the same page as our customers. That's why we travel to work onsite, love to use videoconferencing, and make every effort to understand the customer's culture to operate as one cohesive team. We don't clock in or out; we work till what we promised is delivered. Our top priority is meeting you where you need us. We share project, phase, and sprint goals.

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Project Fact Sheet


Phases completed


Divisions partnered


Programs supported


Engineers Staffed


To date, we have completed countless phases and supported over a dozen different programs for one of our longest partnered customers. We currently work with five divisions and staff anywhere from 20-50 engineers on these projects. We demonstrated our expertise, ability to digest complex data, and commitment to working alongside internal teams and other external vendors to share in one vision of bettering the healthcare world.

How We Were Evaluated

Step 1: Review

Review documentation on how we operate and hire and retain our staff.

Step 2: Assign

Assign a trusted internal Technical Lead to manage and evaluate us.

Step 3: Trial

Give us a project that is reasonably sized with moderate risk. A Goldilocks-sized project with some complexity gave the customer an opportunity to evaluate us earnestly.

Step 4: Grow

After the success of the first project, assign us more programs including co-development programs to work side-by-side with their top internal teams.

Customer Feedback

"It was nice getting to meet you all. The professionalism, courtesy, and dedication to your work on, which you've demonstrated through the execution of your tasks, and now in-person having met you, is an impression that grows our trust and collaboration effectiveness."

Senior Manager

Software Quality Engineering Program

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