Celebrate the Day of the Programmer with Integrant

The Day of the Programmer, also known as International Programmers’ Day, is celebrated on the 256th day of the year (September 13 or September 12 on leap years). This number is significant as it is the number of distinct values that are represented by an eight-bit byte as well as the highest power of two which is under 365.

This holiday was originally proposed by Russian programmers Mikhail Chervyakov and Valentine Bait and first celebrated in 2002. 2007 is the year credited with the inaugural International Programmers’ Day and now this holiday is recognized in other countries such as Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay.

Why Celebrate Programmers' Day?

As an outsource software development company that believes their engineers are our greatest asset, we want to take a moment to recognize our amazing colleagues who are pursuing their passion, satisfying their curiosity, and challenging their creativity every day. 

Software is increasingly prevalent in so many areas of our life and gives us the opportunity to better the lives of others. At Integrant, we are proud to work with companies who share our one-team approach and desire to make an impact on the world regardless of industry. Here are just a few projects our engineers are a part of: 

Automating drug discovery to reduce time to market for life-saving solutions 

Life-saving class II medical devices used in hospitals globally 

Financial services software allowing individuals and advisors to feel confident and secure about research and transactions 

Manufacturing digital transformation increasing the efficiency in the production of goods such as medical supplies and more

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How are we Celebrating 2021 Programmers' Day?

Uplifting the Next Generation of Technologists

For the second year in a row, Integrant is happy to announce that we are making a gift to Hack the Hood. Not only does Hack the Hood’s mission resonate with our desire to help encourage interest in youth programming, but also speaks to our love of entrepreneurism and small businesses. 

Hack the Hood is a nonprofit based in Oakland, California. Hack the Hood trains early career youth and communities of color through tech skill-building programs and career navigation support.

With this model, Hack the Hood has upskilled 1,200 learners with foundational tech skills and has supported 450 small businesses of color with free web design and tech support. To date, 54% of Hack the Hood's learners continue their education, 38% gain employment, and 9% pursue advanced training.

To learn more, visit their website, check out this story, or watch this video

How are we Celebrating 2021 Programmers' Day?

Uplifting the Next Generation of Technologists

In addition, our programmers celebrated with an in-house virtual event filled with: 

  • Opportunity to shout out and recognize how a colleague (or colleagues) has positively impacted their career
  • Q&A with our management team
  • Sharing impact stories and advice
  • Fun stats about our programmers and the company 

Check out some of the things we learned about our engineers, read on: 

Now that you’ve seen how we’re celebrating Programmers’ Day, as you take your next coffee break today to fuel your coding endeavors, we ask you to raise your mug to celebrate all the fantastic programmers in your life! Cheers! 

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