Why Integrant?

Integrant formed 30 years ago in San Diego, California; its original headquarters. This was a result of what I identified to be missing after 15 years of experience beginning as a DB2 DBA to a project manager. In that time, I managed several projects while working with numerous vendors. I found these relationships to be tense, short-lived, and one-sided—clients house all the risk.

I wanted to change that.   

To that end, we have sought passionate, hardworking, and top talent all over the world and development offices in Amman, Jordan, and Cairo, Egypt. Our goal was and still is to help US-based customers achieve their software goals while giving them unrivaled service, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a long-lasting partnership.

As a business, we want to build multi-year relationships with our clients. The longer we work with a client, the more valuable we can make our service as we get to know the team(s), culture, company, and projects. There are two major components to building these relationships:  



The first is our service. We believe at every stage of business—from initial contact to final delivery—our employees should come to work with the ethos, “today, our customers deserve everything we are able to offer; nothing is left on the table.” Our teams work hard and around the clock to ensure client needs are met and we go above and beyond as much as we can.  



This brings us to our second component: our talent. We wouldn’t be able to build these relationships or offer this degree of service without an outstanding team. We know organizations have infinite choices of talented professionals. After all, we’re only a short plane ride away from the largest tech hub, Silicon Valley—home of Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With technology, you can access talent from anywhere in the world.   

Our Commitment

What makes Integrant different is our commitment to hiring people who share the same passion and principles. Once we’ve identified those candidates and they’ve joined our team, we’re dedicated to providing an engaging atmosphere, professional development, and the opportunity to work with innovative customers and technologies.

Our mission statement says it all. We impose the highest standards on and expect tenacity, passion, and ingenuity from our staff. We want to find people with true grit—people who consistently push the limits, never willingly quit, has an ingrained sense ownership, and does everything in their power to get the job done.   

At the same time, we ensure everyone is validated, recognized in the way they prefer, and remind ourselves that we work with highly talented, unique individuals, not bits and bytes. They may create those bits and bytes for us, but they are people we value and consider our family.

Integrant believes “a happy employee makes a happy customer.” To that end, we developed numerous programs and focused on building our culture to be the employer of choice where we house our development centers in Amman, Jordan, and Cairo, Egypt. Read on to find out more about these programs specifically curated to address challenges with living and working in Egypt and Jordan, working across time zones, and in the software industry.   

Our engineers make great impact across industries like biotech, medical device, manufacturing, financial services and more. Check out our case studies!

Reasons to Join Us


We have built over one thousand applications and strive to work on challenging projects that contribute to provide global solutions. One of our largest accounts provides medical equipment to a large number of hospitals around the world. A few months ago, when my dad was hospitalized, it was gratifying to see medical equipment we programmed and tested used in his hospital room.

I could not be prouder of our accomplishments.   

We’ve built software that simplifies the health insurance enrollment process, providing access to an exponential number of people. We’re working on automating solutions to increase solutions to life-threatening diseases. Outside of healthcare, we have also built a system to help students gain access to life-changing education.

We love working with companies of all sizes and have had the distinct opportunity of helping start-ups bring their ideas to fruition. What a great legacy!  

Servant Leadership

Four years ago, we restructured with the purpose of building a tighter and more cohesive relationship between our teams and to give more autonomy to managers. Squads consistent of 15-20 developers, testers, and project leads.

Our squad leads possess a strong technical background to serve as effective mentors to our teams and we’re proud to say that 50% of our engineering leadership is women. These squad leads have an in-depth history with the team and extensive project and customer management expertise. To become a squad leader, we ask that you be a leader, teacher, and mentor, having a passion for serving and a talent for identifying and graduating our superstars.

Our performance framework documents company, department, and individual staff goals. Our squad leaders meet one-on-one with each of their staff monthly to discuss career aspirations, set goals and expectations, review performance, and discuss any impediments to progress. We believe people expect honesty and can’t reach their goals without a village encouraging them on their journey.   


Transparency starts at home and from the top down. Two years ago, we published all roles with full salary ranges. The purpose was to give our staff the ability to determine how to grow and increase their compensations in addition to providing consistency and fairness across the board.  

Career Development

We want people to grow with us. We believe you grow as fast as your performance. We’ve created and implemented a performance-based program that allows people to grow within the same role. Additionally, we encourage staff to get promoted by building more skills with the various training programs and tools we offer.  


It goes without saying that we train and develop our people and are highly invested in their professional growth. We have a full-time communications instructor to provide daily lessons to our staff.

We know our employees are slammed with project work and may not be able to attend in-person trainings, so we provide online technical resources such as Pluralsight, Frontend Masters, Egghead, Udemy, etc so people can train when it fits into their schedule. We encourage staff to participate in Hack-a-thons, StackOverflow, or build their own PoC.  

4Plus1 Program

Having the training resources alone is not enough. Staff need dedicated time to focus on studies and the opportunity to learn new skills by working on or shadowing new projects. Our 4Plus1 Program gives each employee the flexibility of 10 weeks per year to focus on training or recharge on vacation without worrying about the stability or progress of the project. 

Ready to make an impact and find your passion?  Check out our open positions.

Compensation and Benefits

No matter how strong your passion is, compensation and financial security is important. We offer competitive financial packages and our research shows we consistently offer over 25% above the market.

We offer the top benefits in the market including medical insurance for employees and their immediate family at no cost to the employee, employee referral program, a planned overtime program, and vacation time and maternity leave.


We need a small push every now and then. We need a car, to fund a wedding, or help with various expenses in our lives. Each year, we allocate and offer $1-2 million EGP in interest free loans to our staff.   

Extended Notice Program  

It is our sincere hope to keep our people with us indefinitely, but people have personal circumstances and may need to leave us. We ask for as much notice as possible, so if an employee is able to give us four months’ notice, we will happily give them a two-month salary incentive. It’s a win-win where the employee can move on to a new opportunity with a cushion and we are better able to transition our clients. Read more here.   

Travel to the USA

It is crucial that staff and clients meet face-to-face at least once a year and we find it ideal for them to meet at least twice per year. To accomplish this, we arrange travel to customer sites, mostly in the US. Once there, we provide company apartments or homes, a car, and per-diem. Visiting the US provides an extraordinary opportunity for staff to soak in the business climate, culture, and to continue to build that special client relationship.   

Relocation Program

This is a brand-new program that gives our staff an opportunity to relocate with their family to one of our offices for one or more years. Staff can apply to work in Amman, Jordan or in San Diego, California, or any other US location where we service customers.

Health and Well-Being  

This is a brand-new program that gives our staff an opportunity to relocate with their family to one of our offices for one or more years. Staff can apply to work in Amman, Jordan or in San Diego, California, or any other US location where we service customers. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Exercise is highly recommended especially for software engineers as they spend most of their time sitting behind a desk. We teamed up with a nearby gym to provide discounted memberships. 

Body, Mind, Soul (BMS) Program  

We encourage staff to live a balanced life. Employee well-being and work-life balance is near and dear to me, so I have developed workshops on how to sustain good habits leading to a harmonious balance between work and personal goals.

These workshops emphasize the need for a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, social time with friends and family, while balancing work needs.

The biggest obstacles to this, according to the squads, is there’s not enough time in the day or it’s hard to start and sustain a new habit.

In the workshops I focus on various ways to change habits leading to a healthier, happier you. Please stop by the next workshop and see for yourself.   


As part of BMS, we promote eating healthy and offer a subsidized lunch program to provide our staff with nutritious meals onsite at our Maadi location (when it’s safe to return to the office).  

We provide custom software development services for web applications, mobile applications, data warehousing, AI, machine learning, and more. 

Locations and Facilities  

In 2008, we opened our Cairo office with ease of travel and availability of transportation in mind. The location of the office within Cairo is central in the city with many public transportation routes close by. We also offer a flexible work schedule to avoid heavy traffic times along with a work from home program that can be implemented as long as there are no roadblocks to team success.

We are also opening offices in additional areas around Egypt to shorten commute time while continuing to foster team camaraderie including: Nasr City, Alexandria, and 6th of October.

Our Maadi facility boasts a cafeteria, prayer room, game room, and relaxing place to think. We have also designed a rooftop open space for staff to enjoy. Sunday evening movie nights top off an environment where people are encouraged to create a community of support and camaraderie.

It goes without saying that every employee receives a top of line laptop with two monitors and can choose to work in an open office space with managers and peers.   

Are you looking for a passionate, transparent, one-team minded and service-oriented team to join?  Check out our open positions.

10 Reasons to Join Integrant



With 250 engineers and counting, having a strong, consistent culture is so important. We want to constantly move the needle and welcome those with true grit and determination. Our teams are problem solvers, innovative, always learning, and give their best each day. We may not always get it right the first time every time, but we strive to better ourselves every day.  



We may be labeled as custom software developers, but what we really do is support our customers in achieving their dreams and try to change the world for the better, one app at a time. 


Our Leadership

Our leadership believes in needing to adapt to the demands of a forever changing industry and environment. We fine-tune our best practices keeping transparency and fairness in mind. Our goal is to provide structure for our incredible leadership team, so they feel empowered to service their employees in the way that works best.  


Our Customers

Our customers are why we exist. But more importantly, our customers give us an amazing opportunity to work on a variety of technologies, to work within or alongside other great development and quality teams, and make an impact in other industries. We consciously look to partner or work with companies that share our values and are a “good fit.”  



We regularly evaluate our training systems to provide the best growth opportunities we can and prefer to promote from within. To that end, we create and review a career development plan for each employee, look to expand or refresh our training programs, and are genuinely interested in what roles fit people best.  


Explore the World

Those amazing customers we mentioned? They are all US-based, but some have offices worldwide. We believe face-to-face time is so important to learn about our customer needs, team needs, and the best way to communicate and work together. Key project staff travel to customer sites at least twice per year.  


Benefits and Programs

We try to keep this list growing. We recognize there’s no one-size fits all model when it comes to what makes an employee happy. People have different priorities, but we try to keep our employees in mind when we are building programs like 4Plus1, Extended Notice, our lunch program and more.   


Health and Wellness

Mental and physical well-being is important. Our Body, Mind, Soul trainings tackle topics like deep work, work-life balance, mindfulness, and more. We partner with a local gym to help tackle the physical aspect. Our lunch program tackles the nutrition side.   



Our Maadi office is centrally located, easily accessible by public transit, has a private rooftop garden café, and entertainment area with games and more. 



Our company’s focus is on service. Service for not only our customers, but our employees, too. In 30 years, we’ve only experienced one layoff when we needed to close a service line. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do at Integrant, but I learned a powerful lesson in strategic management of our services.  

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