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Mobile Development, Web Development, Software Quality Testing

For over 100 years, this company has provided enjoyment of their food and beverage product across the United States. With 13 manufacturing facilities and 80 distribution centers, logistics and communication are key factors for success. When we first connected with this customer in 2016, they were in their first phase of a major effort to build a mobile application for their sales team to use from both connected and remote locations. Since then, we have been helping them provide product and services smoothly nationwide no matter the conditions.


Xamarin, Angular, Azure

Project Locations

North Carolina, Georgia, California, and Egypt


Food Processing and Manufacturing


$4B+| Manufacturing Facilities: 13 | Distribution Centers: 80

The Challenge

Imagine you have a project that's behind production schedule and over budget. Now imagine that the type of developer you need is in high demand with little supply. Your current vendor doesn't have additional manpower.

Deadlines are looming. What do you do when you aren't able to find fully-trained, specialized engineers? Your vendor isn't able to scale to fit deadlines or project scope and you must deliver. Your company is depending on you.

Our Solution

Enter Integrant. With our 4Plus1 Shadow Engineering Program, we always have additional unbillable engineers fully-trained and ready to go. No matter how much or how fast you need to scale, we've got your back.


To date, we have successfully completed four phases and over a dozen major releases of the same platform. We are still going strong. We created and continue to grow a Xamarin workforce ready to tackle any project challenges, changes in scope or timeline, and new projects. That incumbent vendor? With our expanding team, we were able to replace their headcount and take on three more projects with additional scope and services. Now, the sales team is able to seamlessly perform wherever they need, whenever they need.

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Give us a job profile or job description and we will give you resumes that match.

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